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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Grand Harvest - Consummatum Est

Consummatum Est is one of the most highly anticipated Swedish death metal records in a good long while, and it's easy to tell why. This band has a death doom sound that hearkens back to the old gods and speaks to something darker to come. Augmenting their blasphemous sound with touches of black metal and spooky atmospherics, this is a record that is unapologetic and twisted, an offering from the grave that seems determined to drag you in. It's death metal done to spit upon the liars crown. And I can't help but to find myself in awe of it. 

Grand Harvest is a band who really excel when it comes to very high level execution. The vision that they portray and the way that they deliver terrifying power on tracks like "Fatehammer" is delicious. It speaks to a band who understand the twisted glory of the underground and who want to bring you along with them for the ride. Letting yourself get immersed in these unique blasphemies and twisted visions from a darker time is a delight and one that I think should not be easily ignored. Instead you need to be getting lost in the darkness. 

At the end of the day this is a very well thought out and tightly executed death doom record. It's an album that really let's the band shine and which is going to get listeners to delve deep into so many of the twisted ideas that have crafted this record. Grand Harvest have come out swinging with their debut, consistently proving that they are among the best to be doing it right now and who will consistently go above and beyond when it comes to devil worshiping in the underground. Grab this record when it drops March 25th - it's a monster.  

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