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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Abhomine - Demonize Destroy Delete


It's crazy to think that I've been writing about raw extreme metal demos on this blog for nearly half my life and still get excited about it. But that's the magic of a band like Abhomine, whose new offering, Demonize Destroy Delete is full of dissonant and twisted lyrics delving deep into blasphemous worlds of irrationality and hellish realism. The dark metaphors and pummeling guitars of this record are addictiver. It's not the sort of thin that will act as a gateway for fans, but for those of us who have already dedicated our lives to this music it will be a rare pleasure. 

Abhomine revel in their distinctly 80s stripped down take on black metal. The dungeon level production and rough mixing showcase at times slipshod performances. But... that's part of the fun. The creaking ship that is this record is made all the more valuable because of its willingness to be a demented and twisted offering that focuses purely on the extreme and twisted nature of the band. Demonize Destroy Delete taps into many of metals most primal urges with its rumbling bass and blasting drums. It speaks to a record that eagerly laps up the blood of the innocent and taps deep into the most demented instincts of any extreme metalhead. 

Demonize Destroy Delete is an addictive record and one that I think will draw fans of the underground like flies to a carcass. It is an offering that ties into so many of the classic elements of the extreme metal genre and which wears its lo fi qualities as a badge of honor. This is black metal done to drink blood and make listeners suffer. Turn this all the way up and join me in reveling in the muck. Abhomine are dragging you straight to hell and it's on you to enjoy the demonic magic that they so eagerly have unveiled for us. 

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