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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

I Am The Night - While The Gods Are Sleeping


Now this is an interesting one! I Am The Night are a Finnish black metal super group featuring members of Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Paradise Lost and many more. It's a band who gestated for years in the Finnish underground but has now come to raise its ugly head against the weak and unwashed masses. This is black metal done right, with a clear lust for blood and a desire to drive listeners insane. All the tropes of classic Finnish black metal are here, but one can also tell, from the clean production and use of keyboards that this band is more than just that.

The demented darkness that they unleash on this record is Finnish black metal at its finest, full of bombastic twists and turns and couched in synths that add a suitably epic slant to the whole affair. While The Gods Are Sleeping is a crusher, any way you slice it. It's a delight to let yourself get immersed in these twisted visions and dark layers. It's exactly the sort of black metal that is going to keep devotees of the underground eager to delve deeper and understand once more the torment within. While The Gods Are Sleeping is a monumental offering and letting yourself get really ensconced in the darkness is a delight for all listeners. 

I Am The Night may be a side project, but it's a record which consistently impresses and guides listeners to dark depths and visionary heights. It's black metal for the black metal nerd, but also a record that remains reasonably accessible to relative newcomers to the genre. Fierce in its assault and eager to leave listeners overwhelmed in crippling volume, While the Gods Are Sleeping is a black metal blizzard. Join me in turning this one all the way up and losing yourself in the darkest visions that I Am The Night could conjure!

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