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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Undeath - It's Time... To Rise From The Grave

Welp - it's finally here, new music from the skull crushers in Undeath. The band burst on the scene back in 2020 with their debut Lesions Of A Different Kind and it's only gotten more terrifying and death defying from there. The bands latest record speaks to their more cultivated, skull grinding sound. They've become masters in dealing death and unleashing hell. The guttural, basement dwelling insanity that fuels It's Time... To Rise From The Grave is palpable, it represents endless bloodlust and keeps listeners eager for more from the band. 

All things being equal, It's Time... To Rise From The Grave doesn't have any real surprises, but instead just builds more on what makes this band so talented, colossal fucking riffs, unholy guitar tone and an ability to assault the senses that is very much in line with the new wave of OSDM. This all being said - Undeath are more than just mere trend followers. They are a band who crank it all the way up and leave listeners in awe that death metal can still sound this twisted. Undeath go for the throat unapologetically on this release and hearing the mechanical precision of a band who are just that good is honestly kind of delightful. It's a thrill to get lost in it. 

Undeath have proven that their early success wasn't just a fluke. They've shown just how talented they are and that the riff factor did not shut down over COVID or on tour. It's Time... To Rise From The Grave is a crushing next step, exactly the album Undeath needed to release if they wanted to take things to the next level. Let yourself get choked out by the devastation, the horror and the mind melting suffering unleashed here. This is classic death metal from the get, exactly the sort of thing fans from the underground will be obsessed with. 

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