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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Bodysnatcher - Bleed-Abide


Bodysnatcher have won the hearts of metalheads around the globe in the last few years with a sonic assault that speaks to the state of modern deathcore. What I mean by this is - the band leans further into hardcore than many of their musical ancestors, but also isn't afraid to throw in nu metal jump riffs. Throw in a few classic death metal moments and some monster breakdowns (Seriously, "E.D.A" rules!) and you've got yourself a band who are going to be kicking up crazed mosh pits around the country for years to come. 

Bleed-Abide may adhere to many of the genres tropes, but those tropes tend to be a lot of fun. It's a delight to really hear the band grooving along and rocking out on tracks like "Wired For Destruction". These are songs that are written for the stage, but also which will get you head bobbing along at home. There is a very clear sense of groove that drives these songs, and a vision that helps to ensure a driving power behind these offerings. What Bodysnatcher have done is take their sound and polish it to a sheen. Now it's an unrelenting assault that speaks to exactly how much they've grown as musicians and what they are capable of. 

This album is, if nothing else, a crusher. It's hyper refined, tightly produced and a testament to all that deathcore has been and what it will become. They have taken every element of their sound that ruled and worked hard to drill it down into thirteen focused throat slitting anthems. Bodysnatcher have gone above and beyond here, encapsulating a movement and leaving listeners thrilled at what more is going to come from these Floridian skull crushers. Letting yourself get lost in the hate is thrilling. Turn this one all the way up. 

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