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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Deathspell Omega - The Long Defeat


Few black metal bands in recent years have made more of an impact than Deathspell Omega. Mysterious, controversial and utterly great, they've quickly built a reputation as one of the most remarkable bands in the scene, always pushing boundaries and encouraging listeners to delve ever deeper into the twisted and blasphemous stretches of sound that have come to define this genre. Their new album The Long Defeat sees them pushing the needle once more on what it means to be creating some truly great and emotionally impactful black metal. 

The Long Defeat is an incredibly ambitious offering and one that I think speaks to all that the band has been working on for the past few years. I think it's also on coincidence that an album this intense would come out of the coronavirus pandemic. It's clear that these visionaries spent a lot of time in the writers room before doing this one. Deathspell Omega have ratcheted their sound to blasphemous new heights, and listening to them stretch the twisted vision for their music ever further is a true delight. It speaks to all they have accomplished over the last quarter century and where they might be pointing their potent musical prowess next. 

Deathspell Omega have outdone themselves here, pure and simple. The sonic assault is consistently gloriously twisted and a head and shoulders beyond anything they have done in the past. The Long Defeat speaks to the prolonged excellence of this band and exactly why devotees like myself have found this band so fascinating for so long. Join me in reveling in the murk, writing in the blasphemy and generally getting lost in the neverending torment that has come to shape one of the most talked about bands in the genre.

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