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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Djevelkult - Drep Alle Guder

Since 2009 Djevelkult have been one of the most potent bands on the Norwegian scene. Their sound is very much rooted in tradition and the bombastic approach that they bring to the table on Drep Alle Guder is just a potent development on previous successes. Djevelkult have consistently shown their capacity as songwriters and the vision behind their music, this latest offering though pushes them to a much higher, almost elite level. It's the product of years of hard work coming together to prove that fresh black metal can still be spat from the void. 

Drep Alle Guder captures the imagination with its clear dedication to darkness.The gnawing, barked vocals on tracks like "Voidwalker" leave a sense of terror and pain that makes for all the more compelling listening. The monochromatic soundscapes and bombastic compositions leave you suffocating in a world of black and white. This is black metal done right, with a healthy respect for the past, crafting music that uses those classic building blocks and driving towards something new and darker. Djevelkult have really managed to find a way to push further and guide listeners into the darkest depths where they might gasp for air. 

Djevelkult have continued to prove they are among the best in the game on Drep Alle Guder and it's exciting to hear a band like this continuing to show the new ways that second wave black metal can be exploited. While avoiding many modern tropes they still manage to create something transcendent, powerful and deeply emotional. The breadth of the compositions and the dark emotions conjured up are thrilling. Join me in finding yourself lost in these myriad layers as Djevelkult prove once more they are modern day black metal kings. 

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