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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Disquiet - Instigate To Annihilate

Disquiet are a melodic thrash band who have operated on the fringes of my awareness of the European metal scene for a while now. I remember seeing them years ago and being impressed with their take on the genre. Now, their new record Instigate To Annihilate sees them pushing to dramatically higher heights and impressing with a sound that is polished and gut wrenching. They've been able to go in and refine their unique sound into something that will crack skulls and leave listeners gasping for air as they seek to fully understand the madness within. 

As a general rule, the compositions on Instigate To Annihilate are a head and shoulders above anything the band has done in the past. The guitar tone is dialed in to perfection and the crippling groove of a track like "Demonic Firenado" is impressive. Meanwhile, the band is clearly willing to push themselves in new directions on this album. "Wrecked" sees the band taking on Amberian Dawn style symphonic metal and then injecting it with their trademark thrash. This is thrash metal made for festival stages, focused on making European headbangers raise their horns and fall in love with the fierce magic of what the band has unveiled. 

Instigate To Annihilate is a dynamic and thrilling record that shows that Disquiet still have a few tricks up their sleeve. It's always cool when a band, decades into their career, is able to conjure up what is far and away their best music to date. It's a delight to immerse yourself in the madness of this offering and the further in depth I go the more I realize this is a potent album worth many a spin. If you're looking for the European thrash triumph that will guide you through your spring, then this is absolutely the album for you.

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