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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Egregore - The Word Of His Law

Well this is a stunner. Egregore have just burst into my life and I'm in awe. Their unique brand of deeply occult blackened death metal is sure to fascinate listeners and leaves me curious for what's to come next from these visionaries. Having heard the bands first full length I can assure you that Egregore have achieved a bold new level of cosmic metal darkness. This is blackened death metal done right, twisted, evil and gloriously blasphemous. It's an epic album that leaves listeners in awe. 

The Word Of His Law is a stunner. It's a record that speaks to countless hours spent songwriting, crafting epic arrangements and forcing listeners to really reflect on the glorious darkness within. It's an album that will drag you with the band straight to hell, trying to grasp just how monumental their compositions are. The Word Of His Law is a record that delves deep into the occult, that is proudly larger than life and which will keep you coming back, constantly trying to find new layers of an album that so easily borrows from influences ranging from 80s black metal to neo folk by way of classic Earache death metal. 

This is a record that is going to impact a lot of different people. The way these songs are constructed almost makes them a potpourri of interesting intellectual metal elements encouraging listeners to really immerse themselves in what's been done here. The Word Of His Law is epic in scope and there are myriad twists and turns for you to uncover. This is a band in love with the grandiose side of metal, but delivering it in a triumphantly extreme format. Turn this one all the way up and expect to feel the suffering. 

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