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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Falls Of Rauros - Key To A Vanish Future

The masters of US black metal Falls of Rauros are back. Key To A Vanishing Future is the talented folky black metal bands first new album in 3 years and it is one of their most impressive yet. This is a deeply thought out, dramatically powerful offering that goes deep into the darkest realms, unveiling the power of the band and capturing the imagination as you join them gazing into a bleak future. This is some of the best composed black metal to come out of the US in a long time. It's an emotional and deep record for a twisted future.

Some have cited Falls Of Rauros as heirs to Agalloch and this record seems to confirm that for them. The depths of these compositions, and the grandiose power of a track like "Daggers In Floodlight" really speaks to all that Falls Of Rauros have been able to conjure up as a band over the last 17 years. There are simply so many tormented layers that fuel the fire of Key To A Vanishing Future, and the stellar execution throughout will keep listeners entranced.  That being said - the production on this offering feels weirdly muted. I think I might just not be a huge fan of the guitar tones, but in general this album doesn't feel as 'big' as it should given the scale of the compositions.

All that being said - Key To A Vanishing Future is a potent step forward for the band. It's a record that shines in its compositions and which consistently seems to try to point towards all these guys can be. In a world where black metal so often gets pigeon holed, Falls Of Rauros are unafraid to draw from a well of influences. This is some of the brainiest black metal to come out of the states, but it manages to remain accessible and powerful. They don't shroud themselves in technicality, instead they craft deeply emotional and raw sounds that leave you in awe.

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