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Monday, March 14, 2022

Kontusion - S/T

Death metal is at its finest when the homies get together and create something really sick and evil. It's especially fine when the two guys writing and performing all the music have a huge range of credits from Repulsion and Ghostemane by way of Coke Bust, Iron Reagan and Magrudergrind. Honestly, Mark Bronzino and Chris Moore are some of the most talented and active guys in the metal scene today, so to hear them coming together to unleash raw hell upon the unwashed masses in the form of Kontusion is really a privilege.

This EP is, in a phrase, a goddamn blast. It's old school dungeon dwelling death metal for the freaks, heretics and outcasts. The riffs are primitive, the growls practically gurgled and the synths on tracks like "Rotting With Sickness" really toe the line of acceptable cheesiness. Yet that's what makes this awesome. This is a record that is driven, devour in its dedication to evil and guaranteed to force your body into contorted and twisted motion. It's death metal done right, at a million miles an hour and with a desire to leave all listeners wasted in their path. Turning it all the way up is only going to leave you in awe of the madness to come. 

Kontusion is a skull blasting hell rager that is going to leave you gasping for air. While nothing on this album is reinventing the steel, it's certainly a record that old school death metal fans are gonna love. It speaks to a darker side of the underground and is guaranteed to keep listeners in awe of the punishing waves of darkness that these guys so eagerly spew up on tracks like "Blood Church". If you love it primitive and old school, then this is for you, a death metal record that goes back to the basics and leaves you broken and beaten in.

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