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Monday, April 11, 2022

Church Of Disgust - Weakest Is The Flesh

Church Of Disgust is the latest band to defile the earth via Hells Headbangers. Their new record, Weakest Is The Flesh marks their third effort and is a skull grinding assault on the senses. This is death metal done right, with a desire to lap up the blood of the innocent and force listeners to bend the knee in awe of a death metal band who know what it means to craft crushing fucking riffs and to spit blood from the void eternal. I mean just look at that album art, it practically screams "Death metal here to rip your goddamn face off"! 

While this is certainly a death metal record through and through, there is a strong death doom influence throughout this offering, perhaps most prevalent on tracks like "Boiling Seas Of Yuggoth". The band has a very real willingness to go in and slow things down, or even change them up completely. As a general rule though, there are plenty of nods to old school extreme metal, but the record doesn't dwell to much on the past. Instead they focus on crafting brutal sounds that leave you gasping for air and suffocating under the million ton production. It's death metal done with a respect for the past, but a yearning for the future.

The progression they've made is such that even fairly unorthodox sounds  (Like the bass bridge in the title track) make sense in the larger context of what Church Of Disgust are doing and it speaks to their growth as songwriters. As the record winds down on "Throne Bearer's Dirge" it is clear that Church of Disgust are aware of their own monstrosity and have crafted something life ending on Weakest Is The Flesh. This is a death metal nerds death metal record, an album that leans into the tropes without ever being too tongue in cheek about it. Turning this crusher all the way up is going to leave you in awe of the hate to come.

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