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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Paganizer - Beyond the Macabre

New Paganizer! New Paganizer! The latest from Swedish death metal mastermind Rogga Johansson is here and it fucking rules. (Also, check out that dudes Encylopaedia Metallum page, it's INSANE how many albums hes played on.) This is death metal done right, executed at a million miles an hour and eager to rip throats out. Paganizer understand the twisted magic of the genre and their chaotic, unforgiving assault will leave listeners in awe of the bloodthirsty assault that Paganizer have laid out for us on Beyond The Macabre

This is an album that focuses on delivering an unrelenting storm of riffs as you get gradually choked out, embracing the crippling assault and stage diving head first into the apocalyptic madness of an album that relishes its place in the darkness. Beyond The Macabre. The blasting drums and impressive bass performances come together to provide an unrelenting backbone to a record that grinds forward with perpetual lust for darkness. The musical tropes aren't confined to any one subgenre of death metal, but instead seem content pulling from classic Swedish death metal as much as they do melodeath, and even some touches of the Florida style. 

The final track, "Unpeaceful End" is a fitting closer to this absolute slammer of a record. Featuring the legendary Karl Willets of Bolt Thrower, Paganizer manage to prove one last time exactly how good they are and put the record to bed. The three year wait for new material from these death metal overlords was well worth it. Getting lost in the skull fucking madness of Beyond the Macabre is a delight and one that I think death metal devotees are going to find themselves relishing every day of the week. The June 24th release can't come quick enough!

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