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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Lament Cityscape - A Darker Discharge


I've been looking forward to this one. Lament Cityscape is a long running dark electronic project that has touched on metallic elements in the past, but also leans into more ambient soundscapes. Despite the wide range of sounds incorporated, they've always managed to clearly maintain their own energy. This latest offering, A Darker Discharge is a thriller any way you slice it, nicely showcasing several grandiose aspects of the bands sound and reminding us just how talented the songwriting is behind this project, ensuring many a listen. 

What really strikes me about this record is the ability to hint at transcendence, as they do on 'Another Arc' or embrace suffocating soundworlds, like on "The Under Dark". Perhaps the highlights of the record though come when these elements are melded, as they are on "Where The Walls Used To Be", a monumental industrial burner with nuclear powered guitar sounds, martial drums and eerie vocals layered on top of everything. It makes for entrancing, fascinating and all encompassing music that will keep fans of the underground enamored, digging ever deeper into the darkness and curious to see what happens next for this project.

Lament Cityscape has really crossed over to a whole new level on A Darker Discharge. It sees the project really embracing its full potential and hinting at what's to come next. From metallic ragers to industrial threnodies, this is an album that proves the breadth of Lament Cityscape's talent. Getting lost in it is a delight and demands multiple listens so you can really get a sense for the darkness, weirdness and general magic that helps to make this such a compelling band of guys who just keep pushing to new heights. 

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