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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sign Of Evil - Psychodelic Death

The South American scene is constantly conjuring up some of the sickest underground metal evil in the world, and Sign Of Evil are no exception. Their new record Psychodelic Death is a thriller any way you slice it and the blood curdling magic of they have done on this offering is monumental. It's a record that relies on burbling, inhuman vocals and oodles of blast beats. The end result is an extreme metal record quite unlike any you've heard before, it's sick and twisted in a way that US or European bands could never pull off. 

Psychodelic Death really wins on the strength of the breakneck riffs and the two styles of vocal deployed. While the riffs tend to eagerly dart between black and death metal, they actually feel surprisingly coherent in the context of this album as a whole. It is a record that is focused more on being extreme than sharply defined. Perhaps more notable though is the balance between traditional death growls and shrieks with these weird burbled ululations that come across as way more unorthodox and distinctly evil. It's like the sound of a demon trying to emerge from the muck and not really finding purchase. Sign Of Evil goes for the throat on this release, and it's this balance that makes it delicious. 

This may not be the most finely tuned South American extreme metal release, and it certainly has its rough edges, but that's honestly a huge part of the appeal of what Sign Of Evil have accomplished. A record with a spelling error in the goddamn title isn't supposed to be some sort of prog epic, it's supposed to be a stunner that speaks to the twisted visions that have helped craft this music in the first place. Sign Of Evil use Psychodelic Death to prove they are among the evillest and weirdest around and you need them in your life. 

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