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Monday, May 2, 2022

Gronibard - Regarde les Hommes Sucer


Ah yes, European gross out grindcore, a classic genre that doesn't get nearly enough love State side. Fortunately Gronibard are here with their first offering in 14 years to pollute our ears with the very best of French toilet humor. Regarde Les Hommes Sucer is a very gross, very over the top record that really leans into the most absurd elements of the underground and revels in jokes about anal sex, shit and other degenerate filth that captures the imagination of the inner 12 year old inside all of us. And Gronibard are still doing it. 

One of the things that strikes me about this record is the range of vocal styles used, largely just so that the jokes can actually deliver. So you get everything from an eager yelp to a twisted pig squeal. Toss in a bunch of silly porn samples and you have yourself a record that remains fun throughout, even if literal cock sucking or anal sex is the butt (Get it?) of basically every joke that the band make here. While a lot of this records humor will be lost on non-Francophones, I think that anyone will be able to appreciate the gut wrenching irony and crushing Birdflesh-esque riffs that define so much of this record. 

So yeah - Gronibard definitely isn't for everyone. But for Euro grind freaks who love the most graphic sides of the genre and who speak French then this ludicrously inappropriate and very silly record is going to make you laugh. Regarde Les Hommes Sucer is an obnoxious, over the top and gut wrenching album, but that's exactly why I enjoy it. There is no depth of depravity that Gronibard won't touch, and letting yourself get immersed in the filth is a delight.

Pre-order the album!

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