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Monday, May 23, 2022

Hush - The Pornography Of Ruin


Hush have been leaving listeners in awe for a decade now with their unique brand of post metal fusing crushing sludge with dreamy post rock parts. The end result is a record that is transcendent at its finest, an album that sees years of discipline and songwriting get refined into something grander that will draw you in with gorgeous soundscapes and picture perfect production, and then bash your skull in with riff after riff after riff. It's a match made in heaven and makes for a record that will keep you coming back lusting for more. 

The Pornography Of Ruin is a crusher any way you slice it. In a scene where so often it feels like sludge metal has been done every which way with no real path forward for the genre, Hush have found a way to make it work. Their sound is visionary and unique, fusing ideas from their peers but executing them in ways that are exciting and wholly their own. Very few other bands can deliver with the aplomb of Hush. It's a delight to really let yourself get immersed in this legacy of volume and to experience the power of a band who have turned it all the way up. This is sludge done right, with a unique vision for the future and the desire to leave listeners in awe. 

The New York heavy music scene has cranked out some real winners in recent years, and Hush is among them. This is a unique and powerful band who have done an incredible amount of work in order to craft a record that is going to leave listeners thrilled. The Pornography Of Ruin is a wonderfully thought out and dreamily executed offering that will keep fans coming back. Join me in celebrating the heaviness and falling in love with this fantastic band all over again. At this point Hush certainly deserve the love, any way you slice it.

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