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Monday, May 30, 2022

Nunslaughter/Blood - Split

Ok - a Nunslaughter/Blood split is kind of a dream come true for a certain subset of death metal nerds. On the one had you have the American kings of the split release. Nunslaughter have countless offerings under their name and their bloodthirst is legendary. On the other, you have the brutarian stomp of the German masters of the genre. Perhaps a little grindier, and not quite as hectic with their release schedule (In fact this is Blood's first new material in 5 years), Blood still prove that they can still pull their weight on this series of ragers. 

Nunslaughter kick off their half of this 18 minute split with exactly what you've come to expect from the band. It's twisted, vicious and go for the throat with no compromises. It's a delight to really let yourself get immersed in the twisted vision of the band and the high powered assault that shapes so much of their music. They are the uncontested masters of midwestern death metal for a reason. Blood kick off their half of ominously. They drop a nihilistic horror movie sample and throw a curveball with the doomy "Imperator". It serves as a surprisingly well executed predecessor to gloriously primitive German grindcore. 

In short - this split fucking rules. Really that simple. Nunslaughter and Blood are two of the worlds longest running extreme metal bands. With over 75 years between the two bands, their decades of blasphemy come to a twisted pinnacle on this offering. Nunslaughter come out and do what they are known for doing, and it's sick. Meanwhile, Blood show that there is still quite a bit of gas in the tank for the German masters. It's a delight to hear veterans of the genre still executing at a high level. SO stick your neck on the line, the axe is coming for you! 

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