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Friday, May 27, 2022

Rotheads - Slither In Slime


So before we even get into the meat of this review, let me just say, Slither In Slime is an amazing name for a dungeon dwelling death metal record, and if we're being honest, Rotheads is a great name for a crust derived death metal band. Fortunately Rotheads fit perfectly into their chosen niche and listening to them unleash hell on this potent new record is goddamn thrilling any way you slice it. IT speaks to a glorious and twisted vision that is going to continually capture the imagination of underground fans across the world and leave the rest of you fucking posers in the dust - and that's the point. It's twisted, thrilling and overall fabulous. 

Slither In Slime is through and through a stellar example of underground death doom. Dungeon basement levels of production and crusty riffs counterbalance more melodic fixtures in order to make a record that draws you in and leaves listeners in awe. There is a twisted vision that helps to make this such a charming record and letting yourself get lost in the burning wreckage that this band so clearly revels in. Rotheads have found a way to execute on their particular vision with aplomb giving you mosh worthy riffs and headbanging rhythms throughout. 

Rotheads have gone above and beyond on this release. It apes the old school, but it does it incredibly well. This is death metal designed for underground blood freaks like the readers of this blog. Slither In Slime is a thriller for the true sons of the underground, a slab of blasphemy that is going to keep you up at night and wondering where the world went so mad. It's twisted and powerful, a glorious offering that will leave you gasping for breath and thrilled for the demented world gone mad that lurks just beyond all of our doors.

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