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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wrang - De Vaendrig

Well this one is awesome. The Dutch black metal scene has been churning out some seriously sick records in the last few years, but this latest offering from Wrang is in a league of its own. Tapping more into classic black metal tropes than many of their peers, Wrang is finding a way to capture the imagination and leave listeners in awe on this newest release. It speaks to their talent as songwriters that they can craft this much intense, go for the throat music and still remain thrilling and dynamic slimelords of the underground.

De Vaendrig is a stunner because of the high powered hatred that Wrang so easily deploy throughout the album. Tracks like 'Jachttijd' also deploy use of certain rock and roll tropes which so often to help make the best black metal all the more virile. Wrang thrill with their dynamic execution and death defying visions of a darker future. There is a very real charm to this band and De Vaendrig seems unafraid to lean into so many of the elements that help to make this such a delightful offering from a uniquely powerful band. Wrang have found a way to elevate their compositions to a whole new level and getting lost in the madness is a delight. 

Wrang have gone above and beyond on this release to unleash black metal in the vein of Taake, Horna or Bethlehem. It may not have a ton of sonic surprises but the delivery is elite and the howling vision behind it all is certainly entrancing. This is a band who are going to get your headbanging and your jaw agape as you search for meaning. Wrang are stunners any way you slice it and getting lost in the burning darkness is going to keep you in awe. This is black metal done right with a lust for the blood of the weak and a vision of a bleaker future. 

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