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Monday, June 20, 2022

Absentia Lunae - Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes

Absentia Lunae are playing classic raw black metal in the grand old style. Their approach on the genre is wonderfully bleak and oftentimes primitive. It's a dark vision that is full of nightmares of forgotten times and reflections upon the breadth of a dark world. Their new record, Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes is a masterful and exciting offering, an album that delves eagerly and greedily into the night and which doesn't worry about frills like production and mixing, but is rather a raw document of black metal fury for all to cower before. 

There is a breadth to Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes belayed by its lo fi production. The epic synths and choruses on tracks like "Engraved By Father's Nightmare" are delicious and speak to a certain internal misery that can't help but to capture the imagination. Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes is a masterful record that really goes in hard on an aesthetic that I think is often lost in the mists of time. But Absentia Lunae have not forgotten the power of the old masters, they still reflect on the darkness of early 90s black metal when the genre was in its infancy and people were only just starting to find the routes to truest evil. And it's fantastic. 

Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes is a helluva record. There's no other way to put it. It's an album that understands the glorious evil of black metal and which continually drives towards terrifying, and crushing new heights. This is black metal done for those who love the genre in its most primitive forms, stripped back, evil and full of a sort of demented warlust that can't help but to charm even the most jaded of listeners. What's not to love when a band is capable of so much glorious darkness, balancing the raw black metal guitars with eerie washed out choruses, capturing the imagination and guiding you into the pit. 

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