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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Sombre - Monuments of Grief

Monuments Of Grief is yet another impressive and oftentimes inspiring offering from the one and only Maurice De Jong, the mastermind behind Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum, Cloak of Altering and many more. This is a project that hearkens abck to his death doom days, an offering that leans into classic death doom elements and drags listeners with them deep into the pit to be entranced with the crushing power of their devastating guitars and gorgeous harmonies. It's death doom done right, grunting, powerful and monumentally grief stricken. 

The Sombre build their music largely around epic, dark minor key melodies. The soaring guitars that define a track like "When Death Comes I Will Be Beside You" only underscore the sorrow of the music. The crushing bottom end is devastating too, it's choking in its volume and will leave you gasping for air. That being said, the vocals are mixed very low, and performed in a very guttural, understated way. It can catch listeners by surprise, and provides a very different listening experience than say, a Swallow The Sun record might. It gives the entire thing a much more primitive, DIY feel that really adds credence to the extremely underground nature of the project. 

Babylon Doom Cult Records has done good to scoop up The Sombre. It's another impressive contribution to the Canon from one of the undergrounds most brilliant and prolific minds. This is a record that delves deep into a genre that is often overlooked for its importance in shaping what death metal has become. The Sombre distill the sound perfectly and add their own take to it for a gloriously underground feeling and wonderfully dark offering that will keep listeners coming back in awe and eager for more from a one of a kind band.

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