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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

cheerbleederz - even in jest


cheerbleederz belong to a very specific subset in the indie punk world of disaffected young women who craft music that is punishingly real, for better and for worse. Their new record, even in jest is a candy coated treasure that speaks to the visionary execution of these women, with their top tier songwriting and potent hooks that will draw you in and keep you entranced with odes of love, depression and technological frustration among countless other things. The end result is a thrilling and deeply fascinating offering that will keep listeners delving into the underground. 

There is a very real magic to even in jest with its sort of understated awkwardness and sense of discomfort. cheerbleederz make a point on this record of doubling down on their day to day struggles, the stuff we all struggle with, and the isolation that so many of us face. The overarching theme of anxiety is crucial in this record, the sense that you're never doing the best you could be and perpetually missing out on your potential. It's a record that demands self reflection of a sort that I'm not entirely sure I'm always comfortable with. And that's exactly what makes this record such a compelling listen, for better or for worse. 

even in jest is a stunner. It is brimming with potential and really speaks to all that cheerbleederz could be. But it's in the weirdly progressive magic of a track like 'nail biters' that we get a sense for just how talented this trio is and what their sound could eventually evolve into. It's almost an indie punk take on the music of artists like Phoebe Bridgers or Lucy Dacus. It genuinely is that good and generally charming. The basis of this record provides a template for countless great records to come. Dive in and experience the magic.

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