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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Black Magnet - Body Prophecy

Now this is an excellent record. 20 Buck Spin as a label has a history of uncovering gems, but Black Magnet is on a different level. James Hamontree, the mastermind behind the project has crafted something truly special with Body Prophecy. This collection of industrial levelers is twisted and heavy, menacingly powerful and gloriously terrifying. Across this highly relistenable album, Black Magnet prove themselves as masters of the craft with brutal rhythms unleashing themselves and dragging listeners deep into a well of sonic punishment. 

Body Prophecy impresses with the breadth of the compositions and the depth of the songwriting. Every track on this album seems to unleash ever darker soundworlds and unveil a sort of post apocalyptic hellscape that can't help but to fascinate. There is a dark reality painted here that is devastating in scope and can't help but to be unsettling. That being said - this is more than just a record of weird soundscapes, every song on this album definitively rocks. Tracks like "Violent Mechanix" are certified mosh pit ragers for fans of H09909 and Ministry. The balls out assault of this offering is thrilling and it's hard not to be charmed by the bloodlust. 

Black Magnet is a truly potent project and I think the myriad layers of misery and gritty headbanging magic help to make this a fascinating offering. Body Prophecy sees the project going above and beyond, impressing from all sides and leaving listeners in awe. This is a crushing assault distilled into blood drinking filth. There is so much to be enamored with and even after a handful of spins I find myself discovering exciting new elements. This is definitely the best industrial record I have heard so far this year.

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  1. this is more than just a record of weird Rajshahi best it soundscapes, every song on this album definitively rocks