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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Blood Command - Praise Armageddonism


Now this is a monster record. Blood Command established as far back as their 2009 debut Ghostclocks that they were onto something different in the world of underground music. Now, their fourth album, Praise Armageddonism is proof positive that they are a one of a kind force, flawlessly blending heart pounding pop melodies with metal and hardcore elements. The end result is a sound that goes further than their peers like Kvelertak or Frank Carter in establishing a unique and creative union between pop and heavy music. 

In some ways Praise Armageddonism seems like something that Bring Me The Horizon might put out, at once capable of being gloriously heavy and hard rocking but also fantastically hooky. The band is unafraid to lean back into their past, but always seems to be pushing forward. Guiding this whole process is some absolutely gorgeous layered production that allows these multilayered masterpieces to really shine and which encourage listeners to really immerse themselves in all that Blood Command have to offer. This is the most clear eyed offering from the band yet and one that will absolutely have fans coming back in awe of it all. 

Blood Command have really managed to set themselves apart with this offering, concretely proving why they are a truly unique and exciting force in the underground. There is a breadth of composition and skill in execution that can't help but to charm and leave listeners thrilled for all that is happening in the fascinating soundworld of this band. Praise Armageddonism is an absolute thriller any way you slice it and letting yourself get deep into this world of gigantic choruses, bouncy riffs and one of a kind compositions is a rare treat.

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