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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ceremonial Worship - Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy


Another day, another lo fi black metal record! Today we're talking about Ceremonial Worship, whose sickening new offering Seven Gateways To Eternal Misanthropy is a stripped back and cut throat testament to the misery of man. Stripped all the way back and in many ways using the dungeon studio production as a tool to slit throats and punish eardrums, Ceremonial Worship have unveiled a darkness that many didn't think they were capable of reaching. And now they've done it, produced something gloriously vile and wondrously twisted.

Seven Gateways To Eternal Misanthropy is an interesting addition to the Hellenic black metal scene. Where the bands previous records certainly nodded back to the big three of Greek black metal, this offering is much more abstract, wilder and weirder. The guitars play with atonality but out of the blue are unafraid to unleash freakish melodies. The music reminds me more of what you might hear from Dysharmony than anything else. It's delightful to hear the bands evolution, the power of their execution, and their ability to perform despite stripped back production with raw drum sounds and reverbed out vocals. 

Ceremonial Worship are a force in the scene, and their rapidly evolving sound speaks to their dedication to their craft and unique vision. This is tormented and misanthropic black metal done in a wonderfully vile way. It's the stuff of basements and places best left forgotten. It's music that leans into the inherent bitterness of the scene and the difficulty of being alive in a world that seems to be perpetually against us all. Getting lost in the buzzing guitars and monstrous vocals is only a part of the thrill of a record like few others.

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