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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bleed - Somebody's Closer


Bleed are an interesting band, a throwback to a very specific time around 1997 where grunge had decided it was ok to be metal again and the records sort of balanced the two, all while starkly avoiding the hated hellscape that was nu metal. This is where Bleed's debut EP, Somebody's Closer sits. It's a record that taps into all manner of nineties nostalgia, and before being signed over to the legendary Twenty Buck Spin did a remarkable job of growing via word of mouth. These songs are simply that possible and the effort behind them is impressive. 

Somebody's Closer may just be four songs (Hence the compressed review today), but it's a record that consistently impresses with its doomed magic and gorgeous sense of despair. The counterbalance of this with off kilter guitar riffs and gargantuan tones makes for a surprisingly potent listen. It's rare that a band who sound this dated pull it off so well, but in this case, the songs really defend the work and give listeners reason to keep coming back, ever more in awe of a band who seem determined to do things their own goddamn way. 

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