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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Sacral Night - Le diadème d’argent


There's really something to be said for French language classic metal. Part of it is the quality of the music, but also part of it is that, when you're making music like this you know the upward limit of your career is limited, and so things become purely about the art, playing killer riffs, writing sick songs and charming listeners. The end result for Sacral Night is Le diadème d’argent, an extremely fun and high energy true metal record that borrows heavily from the sounds of artists like King Diamond or Portrait to refine something arcane and powerful. 

Le diadème d’argent charms because it is very clearly enamored with the magic of occult 80s metal. It's a record that is eagerly creepy and which delves deeply into some of the weirder or more unexpected corners of the music. The stripped back production for many bands would be a bane, but for Sacral Night it's a strange sort of boon, acting as a proof of just how talented they are and making things sound dated in a very authentic way. This balance of more DIY elements with some truly impressive performances (The vocals in particular are stunning), makes for a record that feels like it was ripped straight out of 1986, and it rules.

Anthemic at best, and basement dwelling at worst, Le diadème d’argent, is an impressive offering and one that is gleeful in its nerdiness. It's a record that understands exactly where it sits in the heavy metal world and doesn't seek to do any more than that. Letting yourself get immersed in these stories of might and magic is a lot of fun though and I think that devour fans of the underground are going to find themselves diving in, ever more enamored when they start to really understand the ongoing power and twisted glory of this record. 

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