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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Aeir - A Frith Befouled


Aeir is an international collaboration featuring members of Lightbearer, Momentum and Basement. It's an album that builds where Lightbearer left off, crafting progressive sludge with all sorts of glorious larger than life elements. A Frith Befouled is a dynamic and thrilling offering that continually pushes the boundaries of what sludge can be, thanks to some top notch songwriting and glorious production. This record goes far beyond the eye rolling tropes that a genre tag like 'progressive sludge' might suggest and becomes something greater.

As a rule the musicianship on A Firth Befouled is absolutely top notch, a transcendent offering that particular shines with the variety of vocal delivery styles from epic resonant cleans to potent growls and even harsh vocals that feel like they owe more to screamo than anything else. The end result is a record that is diverse and powerful, that draws the listener in and leaves them in awe of the creation that has been bestowed upon us. This is a metal record that oftentimes feels larger than life, full of moments of transcendence and an overarching vision that is sure to keep even the snobbiest of listeners fascinated for at least a few spins. 

A Frith Befouled is a truly delectable offering and one that I think many devout listeners are going to find themselves deeply in love with for a variety of reasons. This is an album that benefits from its diversity of sound and keeps a clear vision throughout in order to unveil something greater that I think fans across the heavy music spectrum are going to enjoy. A Frith Befouled only hints at what's to come I think, and that has me truly excited, because this is an offering that suggests this band could get even tighter and more impressive. 

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