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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Twin Drugs - In Now Less Than Ever

 In Now Less Than Ever is a stunner any way you slice it. It's exactly the sort of shoegazing meets ambient noise rock magic that fascinates endless listeners and which speaks to the enduring power of this genre. There is a very real magic to what Twin Drugs have achieved on this record, and one that immediately launches them into a pantheon next to acts like Nothing, My Bloody Valentine and Metz. It's a thrilling offering and one that rewards repeated listens. In a genre dominated by hipsters and snobbery, Twin Drugs manage to take on all challengers.

The pulsing throbbing heart of this offering is thrilling to say the least. It's a record that continually pushes Twin Drugs to new heights and showcases their capability as songwriters. The way the record intertwines and undulates is fascinating, as if you're staring out on the ocean and losing yourself in the endless waves of sound. In Now Less Than Ever is a thrilling statement of intent, a record that you can get lost in and one that seems thrilled with the weird magic that their unique combination of sounds can bring and the future it holds. 

Twin Drugs have left me in awe, thrilled to dive back again and again into what they've crafted. The use of percussion is flawless and the steady pulse that dominates this offering is sure to keep listeners in thrall. In Now Less Than Ever is only a taste of what's to come though. I could see the band refining their sound down further, bringing it into a shining perfect whole that lets listeners get ever more charmed with the triumph of what's to come and the vision that they could potentially craft to enchant us all for years and years to come.

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