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Monday, July 11, 2022

Tombs - Ex Oblivion

Ex Oblivion is the masterful new offering from Brooklyn's black metal masters Tombs. It fuses a variety of genre and makes for a wonderfully compelling listen that will keep fans of the underground fascinated and coming back for more from a unique project that has long been unafraid to go off in unique new directions and push themselves further than many of their peers. The end result is a record that can't help but to excite with its larger than life vision and cut throat assault that speaks to a band who will never be held back.

Let me just start off by saying the cover of "Killed By Death" is goddamn elite. It's completely unexpected but is incredibly fun and really speaks to Tombs power as songwriters to take a classic and make it their own whilst leaving the classic Motorhead frills in place. As for the rest of the record, at this point in Tomb's evolution you kind of know what to expect, take no prisoners USBM unafraid to push itself in new directions from the hard rocking to the industrial, and it still rules. There is a sense of swagger that comes after years of doing this that really sets a band apart and leaves you thrilled with the crushing and high powered annihilation that Tombs are capable of meting out. The soaring guitars and pummeling rhythms on the GG Allin cover "Commit Suicide" for instance is undeniable.

Tombs have proven once more that they are among the most creative groups in the world of underground music and it's a true delight to really immerse yourself in the twisted vision of this band be it in a raging opener like "Ex Oblivion" or a killer remix, like RKGD's take on "Sombre Ruins Nothing Remains". Their ability to be veritable chameleons and fuse different genres under one moniker and make every single one work and feel like part of the same overarching project is enviable. Tombs are an institution at this point having laid out underground metal magic for 15 years now. Every release from the band is a triumph and Ex Oblivion is no exception. 

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