Chuck Schuldiner Project

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Hexis - Aeternum

Hexis is back with their first brand new full length in five years. The legendarily hard touring and hard working band has consistently impressed throughout their career both live and on the record. Now they're proving that the long gap between full lengths (And the relatively slow release schedule they've had since 2017) is all worth it with a 12 song offering that never ceases to impress, consistently pushing the band to new heights and forcing listeners to really immerse themselves in the blighted darkness of their blackened hardcore sound. 

There is something truly charming and fascinating about what Hexis are doing here. The colossal waves of sound that they manipulate on tracks like "Accipis" is impressive and their way of unleashing blasts that capture the imagination without cease speaks to their capabilities as musicians. It's far too much fun to get really lost in the bitter hatred of what they are doing and the colossal size of their riffs. The band has unveiled a very real magic here that is going to keep you coming back, fascinated and hungry for more. I can't help but to be enamored with the high powered hate that they unleash across this record and the scope of the performances within. 

Aeternum is very clearly the product of years of hard work and it very much deserves its place in the pantheon of Debemur Morti, one of my favorite labels in the world. There is a very real shot for this record to take the band to a whole new level. It's utterly relentless and has high replayability. Fans are going to get lost in the crushing power of what's been done here, and to dig even deeper is a delight. Turn this one all the way up because the deeper you dive into the madness the quicker you will lose your grasp on sanity. 

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