Chuck Schuldiner Project

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Live Burial - Curse Of The Forlorn

Live Burial are a UK death metal band who have slowly evolved over the years from unleashing raw and skull crushing death doom to something much more in the old school death metal side of things. While their sound is kind of a hodge podge of influences, it makes for a distinct offering and their new record Curse Of The Forlorn is a strong offering and another interesting release from one of my favorite labels in the world Transcending Obscurity. This record nicely showcases the progression of Live Burial and the twisted power they've unlocked. 

Curse Of The Forlorn is at its best when it really leans into primitive and chunky riffing. The inhuman howls that ring across a track like "My Head As Tribute" really speak to how good this band can be. The Entombed worship is obvious and the raw energy addictive. It's a record that keeps people in the pit and excited for more metal madness. The moments where the band really leans into classic death metal tropes are really exciting, and the stormy assault shines through. That being said, some songs do seem to get a bit off track and it makes it a bit frustrating to navigate this record in full when it sometimes seems to lose momentum. 

Even though the production is lacking this is a really interesting listen overall that distills a variety of influences. While there certainly is some fat that could be trimmed, especially on some of the longer tracks, as a general rule this is a solid old school death metal offering and on that I think is going to fascinate fans of the genre. There's a lot to immerse yourself in here and the layers of sound that have helped to define what Live Burial do is certainly enough to keep underground death metal fans curious for more. Definitely another solid pick from the legendary Transcending Obscurity label!

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