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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wolfbrigade - Anti-Tank Dogs

Wolfbrigade have long been a favorite of mine. Their punk metal sound always impressed, it's long struck me as a sort of weird and twisted extension on the work of Motorhead. Their new EP, Anti-Tank Dogs is as hard hitting and pissed off as ever, full of twisted visions and dark sounds that keep listeners enthralled with a band who understand the fundamental power of underground music. The roaring might of the guitars and pulsing rhythm section come together to unleash a sonic firestorm that can't help but to thrill even the most jaded of listeners. 

This record sees Wolfbrigade delivering their unique brand of crust meets metal as well as ever. With their first new songs in three years the group has done a remarkable job of staying true to a vision that extends all the way back to the mid nineties when the band was known as Wolfpack. The chaotic magic that defines a track like "Anti-Tank Dogs" is pure Motorhead, and the swagger of the guitar solos only adds to that sentiment. Wolfbrigade have managed to age with grace, keeping their brand of extreme metal as virile and exciting as ever. It's music that is guaranteed to get your fist pumping as you kick off the circle pit. 

Anti-Tank Dogs can't help but to capture the imagination with its larger than life orchestrations and neck breaking madness. There is a very real sense of gut wrenching slaughter that helps to shape the teeth gnashing assault that Wolfbrigade execute all over this album. It's such a delight to really immerse yourself in the demented vision of Wolfbrigade on this offering and to experience the sonic punishment that they unveil one gut wrenching power chord at a time. Few bands understand their vision this well, and after more than a quarter of a century, Wolfbrigade are still finding new ways to execute theirs. 

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