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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Labyrinth Of Stars - Spectrum Xenomorph


Don't you just love when artists come together to craft a record that is distant from anything else they have ever done? Such is the power of Labyrinth of Stars, which sees members of Lantlos and Valborg collaborating to create a death metal record unlike any you have heard before. Their potent assault and distinctly German aesthetic makes for a really compelling listen from a band who are pushing themselves to craft something abrasive and powerful, with tight songs that leave you raising your fist in solidarity to the bleak messages of the music. 

The first thing I'll say about this record is that Spectrum Xenomorph is a surprisingly deep listen. Tracks like "Dissolving Into The Eternal Nothingness" are wonderfully layered and hint at the capability of Labyrinth of Stars as songwriters. You can really immerse yourself in what's going on here, experience the intellectualized death metal magic of a band who know both how to kick off a pit and make you pause and think. Spectrum Xenomorph is thinking mans death metal to be sure, but that doesn't mean it's without a few stompers. As a whole though, this is an album that is going to leave you thrilled and curious to delve ever deeper into the abyss. 

Spectrum Xenomorph is a truly impressive debut. The guys in this band have all been aroudn the scene for a really long time, but for them to be embracing a completely different style of music and doing it so well really speaks to their talent. It's a delight to get lost in the myriad layers of this record from the death metal violence of "Vaccuum" to the meditative electronics of "Transmission Delta - Exile". It's a record that I think is going to keep people coming back, curious to delve deeper and eager to have a deeper understanding of the darkness within.

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