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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Blodskam - Ave Eva


I'm not entirely sure how Blodskam first came across my radar, but I remember being very impressed by them and their lunatic creation.There is something meaningful and powerful about this band in a way that I think very few of their peers have ever been able to emulate. With their second full length, Ave Eva, the band reinterprets the biblical story of Eve as a destructive force, coming out to torment the earth. Such is the power of this new album which across six tracks proves once more that Blodskam are one of the most potent things happening in Swedish black metal right now.

The bombast behind this record and the larger than life image that they portray is utterly fascinating. These are songs that will transport the listener somewhere darker and let them revel deep in the pit. The twisted magic and bleak vision that the band has found a way to craft is exciting, it hearkens back to the magic of 90s Swedish black metal whilst remaining fresh. A lot of this is due to the high quality production and excellent mix. It helps to keep the music slitting throats at a high level and keeping fans coming back eager for more from the blast beat fueled magic of Blodskam. This is an album that borders on transcendence. 

Wonderfully demented but surprisingly listenable, Blodskam have managed to really outdo themselves on Ave Eva. This is an album that I think consistently proves just how talented the band is and encourages listeners to go another level deeper into the twisted vision that makes this such an excellent band. Really immersing yourself in their layers of darkness is a delight and I adore really getting a chance to put this on headphones and get lost in the bleak soundworlds that define Ave Eva. Blodskam are a one of a kind force and I think this is only the beginning.

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