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Monday, August 8, 2022

Heilung - Drif


Heilung are back! Drif, their first new album in 3 years is a thrilling listen, a testament to the ongoing power of the band, and their surprisingly open minded approach. On this record they find themselves exploring ever further abroad, seeking to understand the magic and mystery of other ancient cultures from around the world. The end result is a record that broadens the Heilung sound without deceiving their core selves. The Nordic elements are still very much their, but now the band has proven they can be more than just a particularly nifty group of vikings, and it's truly exciting to see. 

Make no mistake, Heilung have arrived as a band, and one can hear on Drif that they know it. That's not to say that the songs have become lazy or less compelling, but rather that the band now feels the liberty to go further and spread their wings. Tracks like "Nikkal" with its meditative power wouldn't have really fit on previous records. The willingness to explore deeper instrumentations and the broader vision of the compositions also speaks to their growth as creators. There is so much more here to really sink your teeth into and fall in love with time and time again. It speaks to an ancient power that never ceases to charm with its scale. 

Drif is a dynamic, powerful and altogether thrilling record. It sees the band soaring up to dizzy new heights and speaking to the breadth of their talents.  It's a record that will transport you to a faraway place and time. A land that people forgot, a world that I think many don't understand is one we can still be learning a lot from. There is a very real ancient power to Heilung and Drif is a set of anthems that hearkens back to that. I adore this band in a way I admire very few. They have a unique vision and one that transcends all of their peers.

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