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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Vrenth - Succumb To Chaos

This is what basement death metal was meant to be about. Vrenth's second record, Succumb To Chaos is a devastating offering full of decaying riffs and blasphemous songs. The potent assault that they paint on this crushing new record borders on the terrifying as they continually smash your skull in with a briefcase full of guts. Unapologetic in their caveman tendencies, the guys in Vrenth have a helluva pedigree, coming from bands like Funebrarum, Ruin, Ascended Dead, Dead Conspiracy, VoidCeremony, and Bloodsoaked and cracking skulls wherever they roam. 

The first thing that really struck me about this album was how good the songwriting is. Though Vrenth certainly seem to love staying in line with the tropes of the genre (Which is fine because the tropes fucking rule) the songs here are extremely tight. There is no riff salad, just pure devastation. Riff after riff after riff collapsing down around your head as they beat you to death with no sense for how you might feel. This is raw punishing death metal at its finest ,determined to beat you into a pulp and leave you gasping for air no matter what you do. The primitive power of Succumb To Chaos is delectable and getting lost in the madness is thrilling. 

Succumb To Chaos is an absolute blast of a record. It is unrelenting in its assault and it consistently seems to push the bands to new heights. Very few death metal bands have an understanding of the music from the old gods that runs as deep as these guys. Getting immersed in this bleakness and finding yourself entrenched in the bitter soundworlds that Vrenth so gleefully create is a delight. Succumb To Chaos is one of the best death metal records that I have heard all year and I'm so excited to see where they bring their unique brand of blasphemy next.

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