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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Gaerea - Mirage


Gaerea have, in the past few years, acquitted themselves as one of the best black metal bands in the game. With a healthy respect for what came before counterbalanced with a vision for the future of the genre that is epic in scope and breathtaking at best, Gaerea are in a league apart. There is a larger than life magic to their new record, Mirage that stuns listeners of all stripes and which consistently seems to prove just how special this band is. Gaerea have managed to go above and beyond on Mirage and experiencing the sublime crush of their compositions is a blessing. 

What really impresses me about Gaerea is the emotional depth of what they are doing here. This is a record that consistently proves to me that this band has a level of vision and skull shattering terror that few of their peers can match up too. Mirage stuns also because of the quality of the production. These are anthems of a grander level, guaranteed to leave you in awe as they dance from peak to peak. The soundscapes they craft though are stunning, monochromatic and yet awesome in their scope. The frenetic intensity of a track like "Salve" is addictive, and it's nicely counterbalanced by more epic offerings like "Arson". 

Mirage is a grandiose and truly potent offering. It's a record that consistently captures the imagination with an ability to point towards more epic pastures. Gaerea are piece by bloody piece shaping the future of black metal in their own image. To experience this time and time again is a blessing and it speaks to the bands gloriously twisted vision of what their music can be. Gaerea have crafted something truly magical here and to let yourself get lost in all that they have refined with it is a rare treat that few of their peers might compare too.

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