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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Languish - Feeding The Flames of Annihilation

It feels like there's a new wave of deathgrind sweeping the nation right now, and Languish are one of several Prosthetic Records bands helping to craft this throat slitting wave. There is a real charm to their new record Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation which ties in nicely to many classic deathgrind tropes and leaves listeners gasping for air under a storm of sped up Morbid Angel and Immolation style riffs. The wicked assault that defines this offering is mesmerizing and speaks of all that is to come from the headbanging madness of this new record. 

Languish impress with the intensity of their assault on Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation. The hectic punishment that they bring forth on tracks like "The Collector" is thrilling and it's hard not to be swept up in the crippling sonic firestorm they craft. There is something truly impressive about the concise songwriting too, as if Languish understand on a profound level the need to get in, make their brutal point and then get out. Of particular note - the drumming on this record is excellent. There are some wonderfully dextrous fills and a sense that we are all driving towards crazed new depths. It's perhaps the most impressive single performance on the album.

Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation is a lean, mean, face cruncher of a record. The burly riffs and snarled vocals come together to craft an addictive set of anthems of malice. While I think the mix could have been tightened up (The vocals sit far too low in my opinion on some tracks, especially given how talented their vocalist is) as a general rule, Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation is a potent addition to the canon. With some addictive mosh riffs and a wonderfully tense sense of nervous energy, Languish are proving they will be here for years to come.

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