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Monday, September 5, 2022

Theotoxin - Fragment: Totenruhe


Theotoxin have been slugging it out in the black metal underground for years now, and their new record, Fragment: Totenruhe sees them taking their twisted melodic black metal sound to devastating new depths. This is a reocrd that feels distinctly European and which fascinates listeners with a warlike sense of destruction and hate that can't help but to fascinate and keep bringing listeners back in to uncover ever deeper layers in the fascinating murk that Theotoxin have crafted for all of us to immerse ourselves in and revel amongst. 
Fragment: Totenruhe thrills in the strange and demented soundscapes that they craft with relatively simple arrangements. While Theotoxin are hardly reinventing the steel on this record it feels like their understanding of how to craft black metal has dramatically grown in the years since their debut and this offering shows their most refined work yet. The blasting drums and athletic guitar playing are highlights here with thrilling performances defining a record that can be surprisingly fun. There is a real vision to this that charms listeners consistently and has me at least coming back for more of the classic black metal magic that Theotoxin peddle here. While this isn't necessarily a super intellectual or artsy record, it certainly is one that merits multiple listens. 
This is a strong addition to the AOP Records canon. It's classic feeling black metal with a modern sensibility and consistent proof that Theotoxin are one of the most consistently improving underground bands today. The vision behind this offering and the potent guitar playing counterbalancing rather stripped back arrangements makes for a record that is easy to digest but demands listeners continue to go back in and learn more about this release. Theotoxin seem on a path to domination, will you enter in their dynamic terror?  

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