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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Gnipahålan - I Nordisk Vredeslusta

Gnipahalan is a truly fascinating and wonderfully twisted project borne from the murky heart of the underground. The twisted vision that they lay out on their new record, the potent I Nordisk Vredeslusta is thrilling and speaks to the broad ranging and dynamic energy of a band who seem committed to delving ever deeper into worlds of unspeakable horror. There is a very real magic to the execution of what Gnipahalan are doing here and their ability to execute second wave black metal at a very high level is certain to woo over devout fans. 

While Gnipahaln certainly tread on familiar ground on I Nordisk Vredeslusta there is a lot to be enamored with nevertheless. The brooding power and thrilling guitar work of tracks like "Odestimmans Kampfyllda Har" is entrancing. One of the things the band really succeeds at doing is crafting apocalyptic, and even hellish soundscapes. When you put this record on you find yourself getting lost in the foggy mists of yesteryear, knowing that one step off the path could lead to your certain doom and have you gasping for breath before you ever figure out that you're lost. The bleak world that Gniphalan craft here is one you can't help but fall in love with. 

I Nordisk Vredeslusta is a stunner any way you slice it. It's a record that pulls from a variety of elements of the canon and gives listeners something to really sink their teeth into as they descend into the otherworldly vortex of sound that Gnipahalan have crafted. This is a record that will tickle the fancy of any classic black metal fan as they unveil weird layers of synths, tremolo guitars and endless blast beats all coming together to leave listeners agape as they wonder how they might have lost track of this whole twisted universe.

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