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Friday, September 16, 2022

Spiritus Mortis - The Great Seal


I'm not going to lie - I was skeptical about a Spiritus Mortis record without Albert Witchfinder. Yet, by some blessed miracle, Spiritus Mortis's first new record in 6 years, The Great Seal is an absolute banger. It hints at a bold new future for the band full of epic doom wizardry and mind melting riffs. This is an album that is going to leave you in awe and which consistently points towards our shared doom. As bombastic and potent as ever, Spiritus Mortis have found a way to once more prove that they are among the greatest to ever do it. 

As a general rule the performances on The Great Seal are among Spiritus Mortis's best ever. Tracks like "Feast Of The Lord" are vintage Spiritus Mortis, full of neo-Christian imagery and dark themes. The album close "Are You A Witch" is perhaps the best example of this with the same sort of Puritan iconography that made the bands classic work so engaging. When it comes to epic doom metal done in the grand old style ,few execute with the consistency and larger than life vision that Spiritus Mortis so eagerly bring to the table. AS much as there is a cheese factor for a lot of this, it's hard not to be thrilled by what the band has executed. 

I am deeply in love with what has been done on The Great Seal. It's a record that takes you back in time and speaks to a doom metal sound that will have adherents until the end of time. Regressive, bleak and endlessly fascinating, Spiritus Mortis have always been a band apart. This latest offering is just another step on their doomed journey and is guaranteed to keep listeners coming back, thrilled by the dynamic power of a band who refuse to step down but instead build on a grand vision of a future that their peers could only dream of. 

Pre-order the album now!


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