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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Wyrms - Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux

Wyrms have been champions of the French melodic black metal scene for years now. Their music is wonderfully epic, larger than life in scope and full of ministrations to a failing society. With Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux they seek to act as a veritable light against the plagues that haunt our modern world. While this record is certainly very nerdy, it's also a really potent offering that speaks to the grandeur of what their music can be and the twisted world that they hope to lift us all out of. It's a potent offering and one that will fascinate listeners. 

There is a wonderful intensity to Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux. It's a record that uses its melodic content to consistently capture the imagination and leave fans in awe of what is going to come next from these black metal devotees. The songs, which never stray below the six and a half minute mark are also all remarkably hooky. There are parts you'll find yourself humming along too and raising your fist with even just one listen in. Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux is aware of its own bombast and it leans into those elements in order to leave us all in awe of a creation that is a clear labor of love for melodic black metal. 

Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux is a record I know I'll be coming back too as it ties into so many of the clasic elements that I love about melodic black metal. The larger than life sounds and the potent production are really signifiers of just how special this band is and what they can be when operating at the height of their powers. Wyrms have gone above and beyond to impress on this record. It may have taken them 4 years since their last full length, but I think listeners will find this one to be immediately worth the wait.

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