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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Human Corpse Abuse - Xenoviscerum

Now this is an absolute crusher. Human Corpse Abuse are a new project featuring Shelby Lermo of Vastum and Adam Jarvis of Pig Destroyer and Misery Index. It showcases some of the most impressive drumming performances that I have heard in my life, gurgling twisted songwriting and a sense of Cronenberg-esque devastation that will leave audiences in fear for their very lives. This is a dense and cripplingly heavy record that almost feels inhuman. In other words it's everything that an underground death metal record should be. 

Human Corpse Abuse impress with their ability to draw a bunch of different influences from across the extreme music spectrum and convey them as a single twisted whole. This record showcases elements of goregrind, powerviolence, d-beat, and as I mentioned - death metal. There is a sense of terror and aural devastation that makes this record utterly fascinating. Tracks like "Convulsing Labyrinth Of Flesh" which is long by this albums standards at just over 2 minutes, present an unrelenting assault on the sense as listeners try to navigate the terrifying and death obsessed world of Xenoviscerum and all that this blasphemy against humanity encompasses. 

Xenoviscerum is one of those records that represents a logical extreme for a genre, but is nevertheless hard to wrap your head around. It's a record that is utterly evil, skull melting in scope and constantly hinting at demented new layers for the band to explore. It's a delight to immerse yourself in the writhing torment that is this offering. Even if it stands alone as a pandemic project I think it's still an offering that is worth visiting. It's terrifying at best and unrelenting at worst. The kind of thing you turn on for 12 tracks of sonic decimation.

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