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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Pulled Apart By Horses - Reality Cheques


Pulled Apart By Horses have been garage rock kings for years now. But with their first new album in half a decade the pressure must have been on fore these guys to really deliver and put out something that lived up to their impressive reputation. Fortunately, it seems like they delivered. This new offering is a truly impressive piece of music that pulls together a variety of influences to unleash garage rock magic. Reality Cheques is a fun listen to say the least, and its stripped back, dry production and moments of rock and roll magic will keep fans coming back.

Perhaps most directly inspired by Iggy  and the Stooges Reality Cheques sees Pulled Apart By Horses performing more stripped back and interesting music than ever before. The transcendent power of a track like "Rat Race" is really fun to immerse yourself in and speaks to the bands ability to take some relatively basic elements and craft them into something exciting, mesmerizing and full of the power of rock. Reality Cheques is the type of record that reminds you why we all got into this on the most basic level. The raw sexual energy, the big shout along choruses, the fun licks, all of this comes together into something truly fun. 

Pulled Apart By Horses are a potent force in the underground. Their approach to this music is clear headed and tied into so many years of history. It's a record that understands the fundamental nature of the genre and is guaranteed to keep you excited ,begging for more and curious to see where the band takes you next. Reality Cheques was certainly worth the wait from Pulled Apart By Horses and hints at so much great music to come from these guys who clearly have a deep understanding of the neverending power of rock and roll.

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