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Monday, September 12, 2022

Power From Hell - Shadows Devouring Light

Now this is an absolute monster of a release. Power From Hell have been one of my favorite Brazilian black metal bands for a long time. Their latest album Shadows Devouring Light, the 7th in their storied discography only goes to prove that they very much live up to their long established reputation. There is a breadth to the vision and execution of what they've done on this album that will keep even the most jaded fans fascinated and curious to delve deeper into the weird world and toxic ministrations of this gloriously demented band. 

Shadows Devouring Light thrills listeners with a sound that is grandiose and deeply engaging. Tracks like "Primordial Impurity" reek of putrefaction and have a certain larger than life vision behind them that keeps me coming back. Meanwhile, the blasphemous song themes as heard on 'Eve's Holy Vulva' and 'The Serpent's Early Throne' is thrilling. The bands desire to unveil the darkest of arts and lose themselves in Tartarus is palpable. It's a lot of fun to immerse yourself in the blast beats and gut wrenching assault of this album. While it plays into a lot of the tropes of the genre, the performances are top notch and sure to keep you thrilled. 

For me - Power From Hell's evolution over the years has been exciting. While their sound certainly ties back into some classic old school elements Power From Hell seem to continually be able to push the needle and grind towards ever more delirious peaks. Losing yourself in this grit and madness is a delight and one that will keep fans of the underground coming back, eager for more of the devastating and twisted visions that have guided Power From Hell forward as they crafted yet another hellish abomination for our eardrums.

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