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Monday, September 19, 2022

Incursion - Blinding Force


What I love about No Remorse Records is there ability to unearth old gems and remind us exactly why we fell in love with true metal all those years ago. Such is the case of Incursion, a band who initially formed in the depths of the Florida swamps in the 80s, but have no returned with their first ever full length. As one might expect, Blinding Force has a wonderfully vintage feel, pointing clearly to the influence of contemporaries like Jag Panzer, Raven and Riot City. While to some these influences might seem surprising, to Incursion it all makes sense as part of their heavy metal triumph.

This record is very indicative of the No Remorse Records sound. The music is bombastic and over the top, hinting at an era of metal that I think few of the bands peers could ever really hearken back too. This is metal steeped in the influence of the vintage greats and with clear signifiers that hint at all the band is and could be. It's such a delight to really immerse yourself in these layers and try to experience the wonderful darkness of what they've crafted here. There is a very real magic to what Blinding Force accomplishes with its fiery visions and ministrations to believe in yourself and fight against evil. It's over the top to be sure - but the guys know that, and that's why it rules. 

Incursion may have taken forty years to put out their debut album, but al things considered it is a valiant effort. It's hard not to be charmed by the true metal vision and classic imagery that guides this band forward as you rock and roll through the fires of hell. while there certainly is no reinventing the steel on this record, if you're looking for an album that points back to a classic, vintage era of rock and metal then this is without a doubt the album for you and one that I think devotees will be coming back too time and time again. 

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