Chuck Schuldiner Project

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

thisquietarmy X Away - Machine Consciousness, Phase III


I've been a fan of the thisquietarmy and Away collaborations for years now. These two creators have found a way to join forces and capture the imagination in a way that I think few of their peers really grasp. The stripped back ambient and sci fi inspired sounds that shape their creations are fascinating and exciting, a testament to the creative muscle being brought to the table. To lose yourself for a half hour or so in their unique ministrations is a rare treat and one that speaks to the simple poetry of what's being done with a blend of synths and drums. 

I think what has always impressed me about this project is that despite the fact that the stripped back synth approach defines what they are doing here, there are still several genres at least hinted at. Machine Consciousness, Phase III is similar to previous releases from this collaboration in this way. You hear hints at krautrock, prog, dungeon synth and more infiltrating the music and leaving listeners in awe of what has been crafted as we delve ever deeper into the ethereal and oftentimes magical visions that these guys have been able to refine over the years of their work together. It's a delight to really get lost in in it and the simple arrangements make this surprisingly easy. 

Machine Consciousness, Phase III is a truly magical release, one that feels bizarrely real in its synthetic mastery and which paints vivid landscapes of Blade Runner-esque dystopia whilst remaining a fairly simplistic two piece that focuses more on vibes and energy than anything else. This is phenomenal music to work too and a release that I think any fan of ambient music is going to be able to get lost in as they seek to delve into ever more comforting and warm sides of the genre. thisquietarmy and Away have done something special here, dive in with me. 

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