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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Kill Division - Peace Through Tyranny

Is it just me who loves how many projects Dirk Verbeuren has going right now? Kill Division is the latest, and one of the greatest that has crossed my radar. On this record he collaborates with fellow masters of the craft including Gus Rios (Gruesome, Left to Die), Jeramie Kling (Inhuman Condition, Venom Inc.), and Kyle Symons (ex-Malevolent Creation/ Hateplow). There is something utterly thrilling about the throat slitting metal madness of this death metal album. It's a record that leans into its hectic assault and bloodthirsty approach to the genre. The chaotic unraveling that shapes this offering is thrilling and it's hard not to be impressed with the relentless assault that they paint for us as the whole world comes crashing down around our ears.

The music is a wonderful tribute to Pintado-era Napalm Death and bands like Terrorizer. The production is particularly crisp with these songs resonating with the twisted power of the underground every bloody step of the way. One thing that really strikes me is the bands ability to craft potent sonic climaxes. Tracks like "Surrounded By Filth" culminate in moments of truly glorious death metal insanity. Lyrically the record is focused around casting asides political and religious barriers, specifically it seems with regards to some of the hypocrisy that emerged around the pandemic. The end result is an offering that deeply understands so much of what makes this genre special. 

Peace Through Tyranny is one monster of a record. While at times moments are a little overblown and on the nose, the end result is a surprisingly fun throat ripper of an offering. The songwriting is tight and the performances stellar. If you're looking for something that reflects the razor sharp early 90s deathgrind sound then this is the record for you. It's brutal, unrelenting and a whole boatload of fun that only keeps on giving. Let yourself get lost in the unifying violence, it's more than worth it and relentlessly, punishingly addictive. 

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